A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Android

{This game is currently only a demo, the full game will be released soon.}

Masako, your childhood friend, has always dreamed of creating her own video game. Now that high school is out of the way, and with your help, she can make her dream a reality. 

It's not all sunshine and rainbows, however. There are deadlines, limited funds, and those who simply just don't support your passion. Will you be able to power through and create the best game you can?

Key Features

  •  7 likable characters to interact with
  • A ton of locations to explore
  • Original soundtrack
  • Partial voice acting

Deluxe Pack

While Pixel Happy Game Girls is 100% free to play, you can support us with the PHGG Deluxe Pack! This will get you

  • Concept Art BookletA digital booklet which includes concept art, developer notes, and other development goodies.
  • WallpapersHigh-resolution wallpapers for both desktop and mobile.


PHGG Demo (Windows) 114 MB
PHGG Demo (Mac) 96 MB
PHGG Demo (Android) 101 MB

Development log